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Analysis Review: Michigan - Kansas State

Let’s take a look back at Michigan vs. Kansas State from 11/23/12.

1. Pre-Game Analysis: Michigan was able to pull out a victory with strong second-half defense in the 1-3-1 zone and great defensive rebounding. While the Wolverines are not going to win many games going 3-17 from three-point land, it is encouraging to see them win with their defense, particularly because Kansas State brings a strong defense into the game.

Post-Game Review: The Wolverines proved to be tough once again on defense and were extremely efficient on the offensive end. UM shot 55% eFG and only turned the ball over on 14.2% of it’s possessions. Trey Burke turned accounted for 5 of those 9 turnovers however which is a bit concerning. Otherwise, you can’t argue too much with how Michigan played.

2. Pre-Game Analysis: K-State also had eight players go double-figure minutes against Delaware while the Wolverines only had six players go into double-figure minutes against Pitt. The Wolverines could get tired in the second half due to K-State’s physical play if they do not get more minutes from the bench.

Post-Game Review: John Beilein went much deeper into the Michigan bench, giving 8 players double-digit minutes. And that does not include Jordan Morgan, who had foul trouble. If the Wolverines can go 9 deep and stay efficient, they are going to be very tough all season.

3. Pre-Game Analysis: The Wildcats need to shoot over 50% eFG to have a chance at winning this one.

Post-Game Review: K-State continues to shoot the ball very poorly. A 40% eFG is not going to cut it against major conference opponents, no matter how good your defense is. If Bruce Weber can’t get his team to improve their shooting, they are going to have a long season.

Michigan continues to play well against tougher opponents. I did not expect coach Beilein to go as deep into his bench as he did, but it looks like he has the personnel to do it. Solid win for the Wolverines and a decent, concise pre-game analysis.

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